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Special Moments…

I had a baby shower thrown for me the other week. It was beautiful, afternoon tea themed… I love afternoon tea!

It was so perfect, all my closest family and friends were there and it was an amazing day. We also had the chance to reveal the gender of our beautiful baby! This by itself was beyond exciting! Up until now I had kept the gender a secret, I mean close family knew but no one else did.

We had everyone make a guess on the gender and also fill out a ‘Prediction Card’ where the guests could fill out their predictions on the weight, hair colour and time of birth etc. Once everyone had done those it was time to reveal the gender… I couldn’t wait.

I wanted a nice way of creating a gender reveal, I had gone through many ideas how to do it, but I wanted something that everyone could join in and experience instead of just me standing there and revealing the gender. So I thought of ‘Party Poppers’, I would get ones filled with the chosen colour and then everyone could pop one and find out together. However everywhere I tried didn’t seem to have what I was looking for. Eventually I came across an idea while searching through pages on Pinterest… I am obsessed with Pinterest!

The idea was to make your own poppers out of cake push pops. Admittedly this was time consuming and took a while, but I didn’t care, I loved the idea!

I have attached a link here of where I found a step by step on how to make them yourself, they are really easy and really effective!

Everyone loved it and it was a huge success! This was then followed by the beautiful afternoon tea which my amazing mother had prepared. We then had games, so many fun games. We had guessing games; we had quizzes we had so many. It was a wonderful afternoon, the time simply flew by and everyone seemed to have a great time too.

I was so lucky to share this with my amazing friends and family! Another thing was I asked for people to bring a book and not a card, but simply write the message inside the book as you would have done in the card. This way when we read the book to the baby we know who it came from and makes it more special.

The little poem that we sent out read as follows:


One small request, we hope it’s not too hard.

Please bring a book instead of a card.

Whether it’s Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh.

Sign the book, with a note from you.

Our baby will become very smart indeed.

If we start early, will soon be able to read.


This was a huge success and our baby now has so many books for us all to enjoy together. It makes the whole ‘gift giving’ so much more special.

The day was a huge success and we all had a wonderful day. I hope that I get to go to a baby shower soon too as they are so much fun!

Oh and if you were wondering… we are having a beautiful baby girl!!


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