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I went for a 3D scan the other day. Wow what an experience. For a while I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to have one done. These are an extra scan which is private and you have to pay for. They come in at anything from £100-£300 depending on the type of scan you would like. Now for someone who is expecting a baby and trying to prepare for all the added costs, this is a large amount of money to be spending on something that is not necessary.

However saying that, I am so glad I had this done. What a wonderful experience this was. I would pay it again tomorrow to see my babies face. I went to a lovely place in Hinkley, Leicestershire called Tummy2Mummy. I had done a lot of research beforehand making sure I had picked the right place and the right scan. They had hundreds of positive reviews and I can certainly see why. The women there are lovely. So helpful, so attentive and so caring. Now I know that this is a private service and not really comparable but this is the best experience I have had so far during my pregnancy. All my other scans have been with the NHS, now I have nothing against the NHS they do a wonderful job on a daily basis. However I can totally see why people would pay to go private. The experience is so much better.

The place is cleaner for one, the staff there are extremely attentive and caring, and they don’t talk to you like you’re a five year old. I have been unfortunate I think with my experience so far with the maternity care through the NHS, I don’t believe that everyone has the same experience as I have. I had come to think that I was being over dramatic and over sensitive in regards to the whole situation. However from going to a private appointment I really see the difference, and honestly if I could afford to, I would pay to go private in a heartbeat.

Anyway back to the experience. The room was lovely, it was spacious, it was clean, it was pretty. I have never felt so relaxed in a doctor’s office before. The room was big enough that it had a corner sofa in, which meant I was able to bring along some family, which up until this point have never been able to come to a scan due to limited space. They have large screens on the wall so everyone can see what is going on.

This really is an incredible experience, and one I am pleased to have experienced.

Technology really is amazing. To be able to see inside me and actually see the face of the little person growing inside me is just simply incredible. No words can describe how amazing it felt to see this little face, knowing that in possibly 7 weeks’ time I will be holding this precious little thing.

If you have the time, and the funds to get this done then I highly recommend it. The experience is wonderful; I felt completely at ease and relaxed – if only I could give birth in a room like that!

Just amazing.

This Friday I will be 30 weeks, not long to go until I meet my precious baby.


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