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I was never really sure what I was feeling for, this is my first pregnancy and I never knew what I was meant to feel.

People said it felt like bubbles popping or gas or bubbling. And to be honest that is very hard to look out for. I have feelings like that normally, when my food is digesting I feel bubbling and popping, but I didn’t know which was witch.

I then began to feel slight movements but again I wasn’t sure what this was and if it was just wishful thinking because I was so desperate to feel something. To me it was like little flutters, like little butterflies tapping on your stomach. Sounds odd, and sounds like you would be able to tell that’s what it is, but honestly I didn’t know. I didn’t want to say it was and then it not be, or get my hopes up and something be wrong.

Then the other day I was round my friend’s house and I felt something, like a little ‘pop’ in my belly, it made me jump if I’m honest. It wasn’t like a huge kick, just a little pop. Again I  had just eaten so I wasn’t sure, I thought maybe it was a kick but didn’t say anything because it didn’t happen the rest of the day. Then two days later I was sat at my desk at work and I felt it again, just like someone had popped a little balloon inside me. Then it happened again and again and again. I knew then for sure!

This was my baby saying I’m here!

I was so excited, for me this made it even more real, I mean I know I have been to the scans and I have seen the baby move around, but this made it real. I know now that there is something inside me. There was something moving around, something real and living. I immediately rang my partner and told him I had felt the baby move and kick, he was a little disappointed that he hadn’t felt it. I explained that it was only faint and he might not even feel it when it happens again.

When I got home that night we lay on our bed and he felt my belly, every time he moved away the baby moved, missing it each time. I told him it would happen again so not to worry. The next morning I was getting ready for work and the baby started moving around, I shouted to wake my partner up and told him to hurry over. He came over and he felt our baby. He felt it just like I did, it was a beautiful moment. This was such a lovely moment to share.

Now ever since I have felt the movements they are happening all the time! I don’t know if it is because the baby is a little bigger now or if it is because I know what I am feeling for. Either way, it is lovely, and even as I am typing this, baby is moving around and I can feel everything.

I cannot wait for our baby to be here and to have a cuddle. Bring on June!!


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