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20 Week Scan

I was incredibly nervous for my 20 weeks scan, I had been told constantly that I should be feeling something and I didn’t think I was. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling for, I wasn’t sure what was a movement and what wasn’t.  I was very anxious that I was going to get there and I was going to hear some not too good news. I didn’t know what to expect.

Again, like the common theme of my scans, this one started off badly. The appointment was in the afternoon, and I was at work all day before this, so I had to drive a 30 minute drive to the hospital, along with all the school traffic and then roadworks. So we were 4 minutes late for our appointment when I arrived – safe to say, not that major.

I was desperate for the toilet, as I am at many points throughout the day now, so I went toilet, as I was in there, my name was called. My partner explained I won’t be long as I am in the toilet. We walked into the appointment. And I tried to make a joke, saying oh that was quick, we have never been called in this fast before. To which this woman turned around and snapped at me – ‘Well you are LATE and I have been WAITING for you to arrive’. At this point I have not one care in the world about being confrontational. I turned to her and said ‘I have been driving here for 45 minutes, with traffic; I can’t control the traffic can I?’ She didn’t reply. As I got on the bed, I then said, ‘Oh I am so happy to be here again, people always make me feel welcome!’ – Obviously in a sarcastic tone.  This lady then completely changed her manor, and was very pleasant.

Anyway, enough of the negatives!!

I saw my baby

I saw the movements, I saw the heart, the hands, the feet, the brain, the spine. Really this is the most magical experience I have ever been through, I couldn’t believe that this little person was moving around inside me, doing an acrobatic display and I couldn’t feel a thing.

I couldn’t believe that I could see the heart beating. I was in awe, I was staring at this beautiful person that myself and my partner have made. This really is a miracle that something so simple can make a person.

At the 20 week scan they have to do some more checks than usual, make it a bit more detailed. They have to measure the limbs and check the brain and the heart and make sure everything is normal and growing at a normal rate. Everything was perfect, everything was normal, just as they would expect it to be.

The only thing she said was that it wasn’t possible to do all the checks because the baby wouldn’t sit still and kept moving around. She needed to check one more view of the heart and get a profile of the face. So we have to go back and have them checked again, although I don’t mind, another chance for me to see my baby again.

I was also asked if I wanted to know the sex of the baby, we said yes if possible. It was possible and she can tell the sex of the baby, however I am keeping that to myself for now! I have plans for an announcement at the baby shower.

I will never forget this day; this was possibly one of the most magical experiences of my life so far.

I couldn’t be happier!


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