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Health and Wellbeing Clinic

There is certain etiquette and bedside manner that I think should be involved when you become part of any medical field. I have yet to experience any while I have been pregnant. 

As I have mentioned before I am overweight so being pregnant and overweight is not a good mix. There are a lot more risks involved, I am already aware of this, and I understand of the implications involved. I have been overweight for a while and I know how to do things and I know how to live a balanced life.

So I get invited to the hospital for an appointment, it was just put down on my book as ‘Health and Wellbeing Clinic’ Now to me, this being my first child, is normal. I wasn’t told about the appointment, it was never explained to me what this appointment was for, I just assumed it was another appointment that was to help me as I am a first time mum.

When I arrived I was seen by a nurse who took my blood pressure, and weighed me, she also checked my urine sample to make sure everything was normal. She explained that everything was. I was then sent out to the waiting area where I was told to wait to go through to the doctor. I got called through into this little room, where waiting for me was a midwife, a doctor and a student doctor, so a little intimidating. At this point I was still in good spirits and had no problems.

The doctor then asked me if I knew why I was there; I said no, no one explained what this appointment was for. They then proceeded to explain how this clinic was for the mothers who have a higher BMI. I was a little shocked, I wondered why they didn’t just tell me that was what this clinic was, instead of surprising me with it on the day, at least I could of prepared myself for what was about to happen.

Anyway he then began explaining about how there more risks are involved with a higher BMI, to which I replied with, yes I am aware. I mean it’s not like I am stupid, I know what is involved. This doctor then presented me with this ‘book’ he opened it to a page and laid it out in front of me. ‘This is how your plate should be portioned’ – He was actually showing me a picture of a plate, which shows you how much veg, how much protein ect. I just looked at him in amazement, at 24 years of age; do you not think I know how to portion my plate?

So I told him, ‘You know I do know all this, I am not stupid, and this is what I do on a daily basis’. The words leaving my mouth made me get a little upset, I wasn’t sure what was going on, I was being lectured about what to eat and what not to eat. I KNOW! Trust me, I know what to do. This pregnancy wasn’t planned, and if I had planned it then I would have made sure I was lighter and had a lower BMI, but it wasn’t therefore you have to just accept what is happening and make sure you do your best.

So after I explained that I know how to portion a plate, I began to cry, this really hit me, it wasn’t so much the realisation I was overweight, I already knew that. It was the shock of not knowing I was coming here to be lectured about how to eat!

It was the next part that really annoyed me and then I just switched off, I couldn’t be bothered to listen to them lecture me anymore. I had started crying, like I say, and the midwife replied with

‘Oh that’s our first crier of 2017’

I mean really?! I am pregnant, I am hormonal. A good advert on TV can set me off crying, so it was no surprise that I was crying now. What exactly did she expect? It was the way she said it, sarcastic, as in oh look here goes another one, wasting our time crying!

Then they spoke some more about how they are just making sure that I am healthy and the baby is healthy. I know, do they not think I am doing that already! I am eating healthy. The doctor then said something else that annoyed me, he closed the book he had given me and presented the front of the book to me, it says ‘Free’ on the front, which no one would say anything about, it’s free, great. He then said ‘It may say free on the front here, but I will let you know, it’s not free, this lady here – he pointed at the midwife – has paid for the postage herself. Wow, well I tell you what I will give you the postage for it, what did he want me to say, oh thank you for paying for the postage for this book, that has all the information in that I already know and has all the information that can be found online anyway!

I know I am sounding ungrateful, but I feel like the whole delivery of the ‘chat’ was unnecessary and a little rude. Maybe I am being over sensitive, but they must realise they are talking to highly emotional women and about something that can be a little hard to broach. 

Anyway that was my little rant, I wasn’t intending on moaning this much but I just seem to be having a hard time with the hospitals recently. I can only hope this improves.


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