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Tired is an understatement.

I feel as though I need to sleep constantly! Is this normal, I don’t know what is normal anymore. I sit at work staring at my screen, and I can feel my eyes wanting to close. I keep yawning. I just want to be at home in bed. 

I know that there is a lot going on in my body, but I never thought it would take it out of me like this. There is nothing that can wake me up, I barley have any energy and the energy I do have I am using at work, so when I get home I am lacking in all energy. Then the annoying thing is I go to bed and I can’t sleep! Why?! 

I just want to have my energy levels back, I want to be able to make it to lunch time without wanting to crawl back into bed. It isn’t even midday and I am ready for bed. I’ve been up for 4 hours and I want to go back! 

I want to be able to do what I could normally do. 

My list of things I miss so far are as follows:

  • Sleeping
  • Having energy to do things
  • Being able to bend down without my back giving up on me
  • Cheese, specifically Brie! 
  • My cold heart made of stone – I cry at anything and everything now
  • Sleep – I know I have already said that, but I really do miss it! 
  • My favourite PJ bottoms – they feel tight now and very uncomfortable
  • My pretty bras – I have had to swap mine for practical ones that are comfortable
  • Hot baths – I like my bath really hot…well not anymore

So it doesn’t appear that all I am doing is moaning, I also have a list of things I am loving:

  • Knowing that I am creating a life as we speak
  • My skin is looking great, never looked better
  • Emotions, I feel like I have become more loving and caring – I was before, but now I feel it more
  • Showing my scan photos – Makes me so proud, yes that is my baby you are looking at
  • Looking at baby things – I can’t wait to start decorating and buying things!
  • The attention – people are always asking me how I am and how I’m feeling, it’s nice
  • The excitement – I want the moment I meet my child to be here and now!

As much as I am moaning about how tired I am and how my back hurts and my clothes are starting to feel tight, I really am excited and I can’t wait to start this next chapter in my life. 


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